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About Us

Who Are We?

  In 2004, our little family of three began our adventure in Florida.
Moving from Ontario, Canada, to a completely different country, took us several hard years to acclimate.
In 2011, the eldest daughter Kendra relocated from Louisville, Kentucky to Crystal River, Florida.  Shortly thereafter, the youngest sibling Carly followed, and in 2012 so did the matriarch of the family, Lynn.
  Lynn has entertained and excelled at many careers throughout her life, starting in the ER as a respiratory therapist, flouncing in retail with a kids clothing store named "Please Mum", then mastered the real estate industry in Ontario.

  After moving to Apollo Beach in 2004, Lynn continued her real estate venture up until moving to Crystal River. In September 2016, Hurricane Hermine hit the Nature Coast and created atrocious and devastating flood levels all throughout coastal Citrus county; 2,694 structures sustained damage, total losses in Citrus County alone reached 102 million.
  Shortly thereafter, what was previously known as "Crystal Cove" was listed for sale.

  A lifelong dream of Lynn's was to own and run a bed and breakfast, and wouldn't you know it? The former "Crystal Cove" was within walking distance away!
  And so began the newest adventure of the crazy Canadian family!
  As of December 2017, the majority of renovations were finished, (including major combatants against hurricanes and flooding!) and the freshly renamed Crystal Blue Lagoon was up and ready for business!

  Although we still have a "To-Do" list, and several grand plans to fulfill, we are confident you will enjoy your stay with our family owned B&B who has first-hand experience being the "Snow Birds", "Tourists" or "Out of Town-ers"! We know what you need to feel comfortable, to have fun, and to thoroughly enjoy your travels, so give us the honor and let us show you Crystal River the way it needs to be seen!









The Crystal Blue Lagoon Bed & Breakfast provides a magical place to start your Crystal River experience!
  Located on a natural spring, you can walk out your front door and swim with the manatees.  Enjoy coffee on the rooftop terrace that provides dramatic panoramic views of Kings Bay, or snuggle up to the outdoor fire pit during the cool winter evenings.
This spacious 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom Bed & Breakfast boasts an inspired Mermaid & Manatee Theme. A dramatic outdoor mural pays tribute to the manatees who can often be seen in House Spring directly below the terrace. The painted murals on the floors are a highlight of the enchanted interior providing many little surprises that create a playful atmosphere of fun! 
Located on Crystal River Crosstown Trail, just steps away from Three Sisters Springs and Hunter Springs Park, walking distance to the many fine dining restaurants, shops, and businesses of downtown Crystal River.
Come stay at the Crystal Blue Lagoon B&B and scratch this amazing adventure off your bucket list!

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