Legend of the Crystal Blue Lagoon Mermaid

Tale of the Mermaid

Once, a mermaid lived far south of here in an underwater cave.  For recreation, she rode the waves and sang to the sailors, mostly on key.  
One day this beautiful mermaid fell in love with a brave, handsome sailor.  She could not live on land and he had some difficulty living in the water; but he was, after all, both brave and a sailor, so he willingly chose to risk his life to ride the waves with her. 
Things were going well until they were caught up in a hurricane and blown north to the Gulf.  She, being a mermaid who was “one with the universe”, survived; but he, did not.
Lost and alone, she swam in to the Crystal Blue Lagoon (later called by mortals House Spring on Kings Bay), where she decided to stay.   In honor of the love she had for the sailor she had lost, she gave a great gift to all humans.  First, she touched one of the local scallops which immediately produced an enchanted pearl bigger and more beautiful than any oyster was capable of doing.  
Then she placed the scallop with the enchanted pearl in the Crystal Blue Aquifer under the spring you see bubbling up right here.  She enchanted the scallop so that the shell from any of her offspring would be able to pass on a wish directly to the enchanted pearl, as long as the wish was something the mortal wanted with all his or her heart.
Ever since then, mortals can write their wish on a scallop shell, and place it in a nearby fountain.  If it is the right shell, the shell of a scallop descended from the enchanted scallop, that wish will be granted. 

mermaid mural.jpg