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5 Star Review

What a magical place! Lynn's attention to detail, great sense of style, and welcoming spirit make this place shine. Plus, the location could not be better...we could hop in kayak from the front porch, bike or walk to town on the path across the street, and even saw manatees from the comfort of the living room!


        -Anne C.

5 Star Review

What a magical place! Lynn's attention to detail, great sense of style, and welcoming spirit make this place shine. Plus, the location could not be better...we could hop in kayak from the front porch, bike or walk to town on the path across the street, and even saw manatees from the comfort of the living room!


        -Anne C.

5 Star Review

We had the most amazing stay here. Incredible views and manatee encounters right from the house! The decor, the location, the EVERYTHING was SO awesome. We can't wait to return to make more memories in Crystal River.

-Kirsten S.

Gorgeous and peaceful place of serenity. Top notch and one of kind experience!

Jamie B.

Charming B&B in a great location! The manatee tour guide come to you to see manatees! Loved this place!

-Melinda K.

5 Star Reviews

I truly am thankful we found this amazing place. It is special that's for sure. Being able to kayak and swim with manatees right from the house was incredible! The decor, the location, the customer service and care ... outstanding. Can't wait to return. We loved everything about our stay!


-Kirsten N.

5 Star Review

Such an unexpected pleasure!

This was a surprise stay my husband had planned for us. It is a bit cutesy but the comfort and location makes it a really great place to stay! It is located on one small spring and backs up to a lagoon that has another spring which is a manatee sanctuary. We brought out own kayaks although the B&B has ones for guests along with everything you would need for a great time out on the water. They also provide lots of snacks, water, sodas and other food...they don't do the usual breakfast for the guests but there is plenty to eat and a full kitchen with coffeemaker to do your own. There are cute local restaurants in the area too if you are so inclined. But the best part is the water. And the manatees. We were lucky enough that the second afternoon was a day the manatees came in to the lagoon and hung around to play and eat. We waded out at low tide and were surrounded by either 6 or 7 of a baby that insisted on being very curious about the silly humans standing there and head butting us as he or she swam by multiple times. We also launched our kayaks in the evening to enjoy some beautiful views. We recommended the place to some other friends who immediately made reservations to go themselves. The building that houses the B&B is older but had the ability to keep cool...the AC was always keeping the house at a very comfortable temperature. The bed was queen sized and felt like a good mattress with plenty of blankets. The bathroom was just a shower but with a freshwater lagoon in the back yard you don't need much else. Clean and well maintained, even has a laundry if it was needed. Overall, we look forward to going again sometime!


5 Star Review

Although I went during the off-season when manatees aren't as prevalent. I absolutely loved it. The owners of the house have done an amazing job and I especially love that they have 3 kayaks readily available for you to ride. Once they have a dock it will be perfect. Will most certainly be returning!

-Nick P.

If you come here once, you will feel drawn to return again and again. This place has a vibe all it's own. You might even just want to hang out in the house because of its whimsical decor and peaceful feel. Crystal Blue Lagoon BnB is quite a special place, and we just want to say thank you from our hearts to the owner, Lynne, and to Maria, her assistant, for making it even nicer still. We will be back. 

                 -Paula E.

5 Star Review

Heather M wrote a review Aug 2019

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Unexpectedly knocked our socks off!!

Crystal Blue Lagoon. You pull up and think, ehhh..... it's a block building painted up. Out front is an eclectic fountain and it's done up in the manatee and mermaid theme. There are friendly little lizards greeting you as well as grasshoppers - so cool. But then the experience begins. You enter in through the back door, which is brilliant - as you get to see a glimpse of Kings Bay and the property. Outside also are usable bikes, canoes and kayaks, as well as a fire pit set up for your usage.

Upon entering you are greeted by a magical underwater tribute. The floors are hand-painted a beautiful mural of manatees, deserted islands, sand-written messages, etc - really well done.

The place is spotless!! The Concierge, Tina is phenomenal! She really busts her tail around the place inside and out and she is super friendly, making sure your every whim is met and questions are answered. She even allowed us to leave behind a little of our recently departed "Dingo" who we know will love it there in the flower bed.

We took a manatee dive with one of the local places right around the corner. Upon being taken out in the boat, we looked and the B&B was right there. We couldn't believe that we were diving right there! Saw 3 manatee. The last day we were there we decided to walk into the bay from the steps of the inn and it was super shallow. We swam out and piggy backed onto a dive already in progress (which I'm sure they just loved). We saw 1 and then left off and journeyed on our own - seeing 3 more! We then ventured over into the pool area by the boat house. It really doesn't look like much from land but from there - holy moly was it beautiful. It's deep and clear and and there is a spring that feeds into the bay from there and it is just breathtaking. Tina keeps it really clean and it had a ladder that you can exit from - super sturdy and easy to get out. Can't say enough about this area. It's just wonderful and we sure kicked ourselves for waiting until the last day to explore the area. One thing - if you have a snorkel, bring it - they don't really have any, just masks.

Tina keeps the kitchen/fridge area stocked and it's a help yourself system. She even had bacon and eggs if you wanted it. She's not a cook, that's up to you - but it is there if you want it. Also, coffee maker, cold coffee, beer, wine, soda are all available if you want it.

What else can we say? You won't regret it. I know we are already planning our next visit.

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Date of stay: July 2019

 For those wishing to immerse themselves in manatee watching, this B&B is perfect. The house is decorated in all things "manatee" from pillows to full floor murals, and even the outside fireplace chimney is delightfully adorned. The home is also ideally located on the water at the head of Hunters Spring run and even has it's own House Spring on the property where manatees often take sanctuary from cold water. The location is also within easy walking/biking distance of downtown Crystal River restaurants and shops. While there is no prepared breakfast offered, the kitchen is more than adequately stocked to prepare your own, and even offers wine and snacks for happy hour! The spacious second-floor deck is furnished for both sunning and sunset views over the water, and two kayaks and fat tire bicycles are available for the guests to use. The owner, Lynn, is a gracious, vivacious and loquacious hostess who will make your visit memorable. When I return to Crystal River I will definitely stay here!

            -Greg T.

5 Star Review

This B&B is pure star dust. I knew the moment we pulled up that this was something special. When we opened the door, our jaws dropped and a wave of wonder and gratitude washed over me. My first morning, I watched the sunrise barefoot and coffee in hand. The underwater natural spring on the property is absolutely gorgeous & attracts the local divers, all with an excited eager smile. I had a once in a lifetime intimate experience with a manatee family on one of the B&B's top of the line kayaks. After that, I couldnt stay out of the water! Whether you're paddling along the bay by the house, up along the beach, or taking a trip up the canal to Three Sisters, you'll be amazed by how crystal clear and calm the water is and by how many manatees you see! By the end of my trip, the tourboat captains knew me like I was a local. Putting that kayak up for the last time was soulcrushing, to say the least. 

On land, the B&B is just perfect. I felt so welcome and learned where the coffee cups, wine, and firestarters were pretty quickly. Priorities, afterall.

Lynn and her family are extraordinary. You'll feel it immediately.

                           -Mcall J.

5 Star Review

5 Star Review

This is a magical place to stay. I was imediately taken in by the creative vibe and beautiful views. The other guests are a lot of fun and there is plenty to do ! You can grab a kayak, jump in the spring in the yard for a swim or snorkel or relax by the fire pit. This is a hidden gem.

                    -Ashley P.

5 Star Review

We stayed two nights and I was so pleasantly surprised . The Three Sisters State Park is a mile down the road, and 20 minutes by kayak (3 on site). Since the only access is walking or kayak, it was perfect (no cars or bikes). This is the park with clear blue water where the manatees hang out, although they were literally right outside the house too (baby manatee so the pod was there). We happened to go during the Scallop Festival, drove our cars over rather than walking, and found with no parking the perfect place to park was at the B&B. The kids wanted to rent paddle boats - and again, the rental / park is 4 blocks away. The best part was the open kitchen floor plan. Our friends could meet up with us and plan our day, and I loved being able to cook breakfast or whatever we wanted, store our food in the fridge, and that they asked what we wanted for breakfast and bought yogurt just for us. We will be going back.

              -Cathy Y.

The Crystal Blue Lagoon Bed & Breakfast provides a magical place to start your Crystal River experience!
  Located on a natural spring, you can walk out your front door and swim with the manatees.  Enjoy coffee on the rooftop terrace that provides dramatic panoramic views of Kings Bay, or snuggle up to the outdoor fire pit during the cool winter evenings.
This spacious 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom Bed & Breakfast boasts an inspired Mermaid & Manatee Theme. A dramatic outdoor mural pays tribute to the manatees who can often be seen in House Spring directly below the terrace. The painted murals on the floors are a highlight of the enchanted interior providing many little surprises that create a playful atmosphere of fun! 
Located on Crystal River Crosstown Trail, just steps away from Three Sisters Springs and Hunter Springs Park, walking distance to the many fine dining restaurants, shops, and businesses of downtown Crystal River.
Come stay at the Crystal Blue Lagoon B&B and scratch this amazing adventure off your bucket list!

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